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The Happy Hustle book - $5 offer


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Product Description

Ladies, is time for you to put a little happy in your hustle?

There’s no doubt about it. Female entrepreneurs are killing it! So many women are running their own businesses and therefore taking charge of their lives, but it can be hard to keep things in perspective. Julie Ball will show you how in this book.

When Julie found out she was expecting a little girl in 2011, she knew it was time to break free from the corporate world. She turned her skills and drive into a successful website design and development space, but she wanted even more. In getting to know many other female business owners through her work, she developed a desire to support and encourage her fellow hustlers. And so, Sparkle Hustle Grow was born, and Julie set out to show women how they can be happier in business and in life by following her three leading principles:

• The “Hustle” can be happy!
• Follow “The Golden Rule”.
• Personal growth and business development go hand in hand.

These principles are further broken down into actionable steps to help lady entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be learn how to not only find balance between life and running a business, but to thrive in both.

Julie is the founder of Sparkle Hustle Grow, a subscription box and online community for entrepreneurial-minded women. Each month, Sparkle Hustle Grow subscribers receive a carefully curated box that contains top quality, trendy office supplies, online courses, and books that help them be the best business women they can be.

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