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June 2019 Mini-Mailer


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Product Description

Online training: Create Your Digital Product by Mariah Coz. In this training, you’ll learn: The 7 types of digital products that are super quick and easy to create; What tools, skills and software you will need in order to create and sell each different type of digital product and you will choose which digital product YOU are going to create and launch, and know your next steps! Includes copy, scripts and outlines for your sales page! ($497 value)

Your First 100: How to Get Your First 100 Repeat Customers (and Loyal, Raving Fans) Buying Your Digital Products Without Sleazy Marketing or Selling Your Soul by Meera Kothand. Your First 100 will allow you to discover how to take the brand and business you have right now and transform it into one that has the potential to build repeat customers and loyal, raving fans. ($11.99)

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