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September 2019 Mini-mailer


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-Online training: Guided Accountability Training + Personality Assessment by Charlena Smith, founder of Optio. The step by step process that encourages you to set goals in alignment with your values and be guided by an accountability partner to hold you accountable, resulting in an increased goals success rate of 97%. ($497 value)

-Book: Guided Accountability: Increase the Likelihood of Goal Achievement by 97% by Charlena Smith. What if you could discover your purpose and design your own life blueprint in response to guidance + a safe space provided by a partner? That is Guided Accountability. And if you follow the exact steps outlined in this book, you will see a guaranteed 97% increase in succeeding at ANY goal you set for yourself. ($18)

-Guided Accountability Planner - Fast track your success in ways you never dreamed possible.($13)

Join our Private Facebook group for subscribers to take advantage of our book study, monthly accountability, and resources PLUS a community of fun, inspiring entrepreneurial-minded women! (Priceless)

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