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June 2020 Full Size Box


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Product Description

Online Training: 6 Steps To Create a Profitable Partner Program by Laura Sprinkle. Learn how to double your revenue without adding to your list or spending more on creating a profitable partner program! ($297 value)

Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business by Pat Flynn. Followers may "like" an Instagram post. Customers may buy a product. But "Superfans" will be your biggest supporters. Learn how to create your own Superfans and see a massive impact on your business. ($18)

Extension cord:  Finally! An extension cord made in a feminine color! YAY! With as many devices as it takes to run your business, we know this is an office necessity that you might not have otherwise splurged we did it for you! ($18)

Stapler + pack of Staples: Who else needed an upgrade to their generic office stapler? (raises hand) Good! Because we made this one just for you. And what's a stapler without staples? So we included a pack of 100. ($12)

Two packs of Sticky Notes:  You can NEVER have enough sticky notes. And bright colors brings a little pop to your office. How do we use them? Notes to self. Tracking sales. Reminders for important tasks. Loves notes. Seriously, anything and everything. ($3)

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