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September 2020 Full Size Box


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Online Training: Your Perfect CEO Week by Amy Lockrin. Learn how to maximize your time and step into the CEO role of your business - leaving the employee mentality behind.($99 value)

It's About Time: The Art of Choosing the Meaningful Over the Urgent by Valorie Burton. Modern life has evolved in a way that sets us up for stress, pressure and overload. This book helps you reimagine a life that is meaningful, at a pace that is natural, with a load that is doable and equips you with the tools to make it happen. ($19)

Wireless earbuds - Lightweight, sleek, quick-charging bluetooth earbuds to use for phone calls, podcast interviews or listening to music. Comes in charger case...just plug it in!  ($30)

USB charger keychain - How cute is this?! Charge your new earbuds or use with other micro USB devices. ($8)

Bullet It! Lists for Living: A Notebook for Charting Your Tasks, Hopes, and Dreams by Nicole Lara, a Dominican artist. Guided bullet organization and achievements made beautiful! ($15)

Daily Task Pad by TF Publishing -  Plan your time on your own terms with this open dated, daily task pad calendar. Can also use as a mouse pad. ($10)

Rose Latte Coffee by Copper Cow - Each sip is full of the enticing aroma you expect from roses + a subtle floral taste that balances out the boldness. 3 pour-over packs. ($10)

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