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Battling Burnout Premier Box (April 2021)


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Product Description

Theme: Battling Burnout

As entrepreneurs, we wear a lot of hats and can easily experience burnout. We don't want that for you, so all month long, we will work on providing you with tools, resources and encouragement to help you avoid, manage and eventually eliminate burnout.

The Battling Burnout Premier Box Includes:

Breathe, Empower, Achieve: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Women Who Do It All - Ditch the Stress Without Losing Your Edge by Shonda Moralis - For so many women, "work-life balance" is a myth. But if you take five minutes for mindfulness now and then, it may not only save your sanity - but also springboard your success. Let psychotherapist Shonda Moralis coach you through 50 "mindful breaks" ingeniously tied to your hectic schedule. ($15)

Wireless charging pad - Quickly recharge your phone by laying it right on this chic charging pad. It even charges your device with (most) cases still on! LED light indicator shows wireless charging status. Universally charges all Qi-enabled devices. ($20)

Convertible Pencil Pouch - I've got 99 problems but a pen ain't one. All the pen collectors, raise your hands in the air! Keep your pens in this convenient zipper pouch to stay organized. Unzip it and pull down the tabs to convert it into a desktop pen holder. Amazing! ($15)

3-pack Mini Notebooks - Your wild ideas may hit anywhere and at anytime. Jot them down in these feisty, animal-print notebooks. Where will you keep yours? In your car, purse, on your nightstand? ($10)

Join our Private Facebook group for subscribers to take advantage of our book study, monthly accountability, and resources PLUS a community of fun, inspiring entrepreneurial-minded women! (Priceless)

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