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Time to Focus Box (August 2021)


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Product Description

Theme: Time to Focus

Maybe you can relate - Our subscribers told us that time management, productivity and focus are areas they'd like to work on. So that's our "focus" in August! Most entrepreneurs feel that they can't create dreamy systems and delegation in their business because of digi-clutter and backlog. 

This month's action-packed digital training will take you through the steps to the clean slate you never knew that you always wanted - inside Gmail, Google Drive, Chrome and your Desktop/Downloads folder. Presented by Guest Expert Dara Sklar, productivity expert and Google Tools Powerhouse. (How to access your digital training is included in the box.)

If you follow through with the training and read the book each month, you will see a big difference in yourself and your business! We are cheering you on! Be sure to jump in the members-only Facebook community to get involved.

The Battling Burnout Premier Box Includes:

Attention Management: How to Create Success and Gain Productivity ― Every Day 
by Maura Thomas. Attention management is the most essential skill you need to live a life of choice rather than a life of reaction and distraction. It's a collection of behaviors, including focus, mindfulness, control, presence, flow, and other skills, that will support your success. Productivity speaker, trainer, and author Maura Thomas shows you how to master attention management with practical strategies that make an immediate impact. ($17) 

Charger and Cord Case in marble by My Tagalongs to help you organize your tech stuff! Made of durable and protective neoprene. Features 5 inner compartments including a large middle one that can hold your cords, chargers, travel adapters, ear bud cases and even your cell phone. ($18)

Set of Desk Cord Clips by Untangled - Desk clutter can be distracting. Use these cord clips to secure cords and tidy up your desk for a better working environment. ($12)

Focus Planner - Get it out of your head and onto paper. Use this custom notepad to break a large project down into smaller, more manageable tasks, then time block each task in your calendar. ($8)

Neuro Gum: Energy and Focus - 
When it comes to taking on big goals, we need energy levels that match the mission. This peppermint gum is specially formulated with natural caffeine, L-theanine, and B-vitamins to sustain the mental endurance necessary to stay focused on your goals. Vegan, Aspartame-Free, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free. ($4)

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