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I Get To Box (November 2021)


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Product Description

Theme: I Get To!

This month, we're working on our mindset!
We will help you shift those "I have to" moments to "I GET TO!"

The I Get To Box includes:

The Business of Gratitude by Marylin DelaHoz - This training will be all about infusing a gratitude practice in your business daily in order to keep your mindset positive and your clients feeling appreciated.

The Get To Principle: How to Get Happy, Get Going, and Get To It in Life by Ted Larkins - In this book, learn how to transform your day-to-day with a simple approach to stress, goal setting, and happiness that teaches you to shift from a “have to” mindset to a “get to!” mindset. ($17)

Ask me about my Small Business kit - You GET TO run your own business! Now, you have the perfect conversation starters so that you GET TO talk about it! Carry your tote bag around everywhere, add your button to your jacket or backpack and put the stickers on your laptop! Have your elevator speech ready because they'll be asking! ($20) 

Phone grip with kickstand and slim wallet - Talk about a multi-purpose product! Super slim 3-in-1: Use the phone grip for an easy hold. Stretch the grip open to use the kickstand for videos. Add your ID or cards in the two pocket wallet. Love love love! ($12) 

Things I get to do today desktop notepad - Next time you make your to-do list, approach it with a positive mindset. Keep this cute block notepad on your desk as a reminder of what you "get to" do today! ($10)

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