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Conquer the Comparison Trap (March 2022)


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Product Description

Ever find yourself comparing your life or your business to others? All it takes is the hint of someone doing or having something you perceive as "better" than you, and that gut-wrenching feeling hits. Join us all month as we say "buh-bye" to the comparison trap!

Comparisonitis: How to Stop Comparing Yourself To Others and Be Genuinely Happy by Melissa Ambrosini. This book puts the condition of Comparisonitis under the microscope, unpacking the symptoms, and offering practical tips you can start using immediately to break the cycle of comparison, free up mental bandwidth, and live life on your own terms. ($18)

Plan the Work, Work the Plan Task Journal - This undated daily task planner provides a bright, happy place to get organized for the day. This is an exclusive, limited edition item that you can't get anywhere else! ($15)

Universal Remote Shutter - This pink wireless remote connects to your device via bluetooth for taking photos and starting/stopping video with the click of a button. Pairs well with the desktop phone mount, featured in the Feb box. ($9)

Glitter-filled Pen - This gorgeous pen is filled with rainbow glitter and is just mesmerizing. Use it anytime you need a burst of creativity or to just put a smile on your face. ($8)

Cyber Clean - This high tech cleaning compound is meant to help you clean hard to reach in between your keyboard buttons! Works great in your car, too! It leaves no residue & comes in a reusable zip bag so you can use it over and over again. ($6)

Letter Opener/Staple Remover - It's back! This tiny tool can help you open your mail - especially your SHG box! Use the lever to easily remove staples. ($1)

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