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Captivating Customers (November 2022)


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Product Description

In this box, focus on learning all about your customers so you can serve them better. Understand the way they think, take note of what motivates them, and grow your business. In addition to all of the amazing items below, you'll get access to guest expert Melina Palmer's uber-useful training, entitled 'Behavioral Baking: How to Begin Applying Behavioral Economics into Your Business'. Here's a sneak peek!

What Your Customer Wants and Can't Tell You by Melina Palmer. Learn how the consumer brain works so you can creatively and effectively market your brand. Optimize your prices, increase sales, create better brand messaging, and be a more effective leader. Unlock all these consumer decisions with the science of behavioral economics. ($19)

Modern Book Light - USB rechargeable and dimmable! The perfect lightweight accompaniment for your late night reading marathons. The light swivels and you can choose from three levels of brightness. ($20)

Note To Self by Knock Knock. Take notes and get stuff done with these amazing tabbed wonders. Part notepad, part sticky pad, an excellent way to keep your most important thoughts in one place. ($10)

Magnetic Page Markers - Lightweight magnetic bookmarks that won't damage pages. Safely and securely mark the section you want to reread, the page you left off at, or the cool quote you want to highlight on social. ($6)

Pen Holder with Stylus Pen - Are you always looking for a pen when out and about? Look no further as the oversized clip functions as a catchall receipt, note, money *and* pen holder! The stylus pen comes in an assortment of colors, and fits perfectly onto the Note To Self pad. ($12)

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