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Both membership levels include access to our online membership hub for your monthly business resources, along with access to our incredible community where you can connect, collaborate, book club and more. The big difference in the membership levels is whether or not you want to receive the award-winning subscription box each month. So...what's it gonna be?

Digital Membership

The digital membership was built for the boss lady that values personal development, networking and wants to grow her business! Business training, accountability, encouragement, oh my! New content drops on the 1st of each month. While the digital membership does not include any physical products shipped to you, you can snag the book on your own to participate in the book club! Available in the US and Canada.

Premier membership (includes monthly box)

Love personal development and want to treat yourself to the #BestBusinessExpenseEver? In addition to the membership hub and community included in all membership levels, premier members will also be delighted each month with a surprise box of 4-5 items: a book, stationery, office supplies and tech gadget. Ships to US, PR and US military addresses on or around the 1st few days of each month.